The number of patents a company files can show both how innovative it is and how well it protects its future and people.

GE spent US$ 21.8 bill in R&D from 2010 – 2014 and secured 1860 patents in 2014 alone. This is comparable to the total investment of the 4 major service Companies in the oil and gas E&P industry since 1997, while paying increased attention by securing 1,257 patents in 2014.

Innovative people = Intellectual Property

  • IP can be monetized
  • IP is a company asset
  • IP can be protected
  • IP royalties are direct bottom line contributors

Innovative Technology Planning Process

  • Idea Generation
  • Technology Definition
  • Business Plan
  • Design
  • Initial Release
  • Implementation
  • Cont. Development

Monetize Your Technology

  • Identify Target
  • Lead Technology Creation
  • Prove of Concept
  • Application
  • Sale
  • Support